Box Office This Weekend – 07/27/2012

It’s actually almost depressing to do this now since The Dark Knight Rises has been released. I have movies I’m looking forward to, but none as much as that. Sigh.

Movie I’m Most Interested In:

The Watch – There may yet be a week  in which I don’t give a donkey’s bum about anything coming out. This was almost that week. If I’m honest, if presented with an opportunity to see this movie when I have nothing else to do, I just might if only for Jonah Hill. Though I’ve only seen one movie in which he has a starring role all the way through, the tidbits I have seen are impressive when coupled with his writing ability. The buzz around this movie was originally something about 4 golden boys of comedy doing a movie together about a neighborhood watch that becomes ground zero for an alien invasion. Thanks to George Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin, the buzz is now how the title of the movie and much of the promotional posters/standees were changed to avoid appearing tasteless.

Wide Release – 07/27/2012

Step Up Revolution – There’s a large rather clever standee for this movie in the hallway at my movie theatre and rarely a day goes by that someone does not scoff at it as they pass. Given that the actors are assuredly cast for their dancing ability rather than acting, and the plot is as cliche as June Beaver, it’s no wonder this movie series earns the wrath of the average movie buff. That said, this being the fourth installment means they hit on a formula that works for them and there’s not much chance of this being in the last. If it’s more dancing than story, I’m down.


[Despite the tragedy of Aurora, Colorado, The Dark Knight Rises still managed to break the highest gross midnight release record and have the third highest opening weekend gross. It takes top opening weekend gross for a 2D movie, and some suspect it might have topped The Avengers if that had not had 3D prices to bolster the numbers. ]

Ruby Sparks – Similar in a way to Stranger than Fiction (see it if you haven’t!) Ruby is about a “perfect girl” character created by a young novelist which comes to life. Which promptly causes said young writer both to freak the hell out, and fall in love. It stars Paul Dano who is something of an indie film darling and, aside from There Will Be Blood, a pleasure to watch. (Note: He’s not terrible at all in said movie, just portrays an uncomfortable character.) Another plus is the fact that this movie is being directed by the same duo which gave us the adorable and fun Little Miss Sunshine – which, incidentally, is where I first realized Paul is great at his craft. I realize I used the word which entirely too much in this paragraph.

Killer Joe – Normally I do not think I would include an NC-17 rated movie here but it seems odd that a movie starring American actors, set in very American texas would be released in the UK a full month before US release. Interesting cast too: Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple (seen recently as Selina Kyle’s young friend,) Thomas Hayden Church, and Gina Gershon. Described as bleak and hyper-violent, I’m curious to know why someone on IMDB also tagged it as .. comedy. Maybe the “extreme” end sequence which* is said to be the reason for the strict rating is amusing to someone. Ew.

*There’s that word again!

There are a few other limited releases to choose from but as usual, nothing caught my attention. Looking forward to next month as nearly every week there’s a movie I’d like to see. Shame none of them are The Dark Knight Rises though (heehee.)


Box Office This Weekend – 07/20/2012

Yes I’m late but you already know what was released this weekend and that there is nothing else worth seeing.

Movie I’m Most Interested In:

The Dark Knight Rises – Having grown up on Batman: the Animated Series and loving Batman for years and years, I knew with Batman Begins that Nolan was onto something special. With The Dark Knight, our greatest expectations were blown away. When I heard the third movie was being developed, a fire did rise. My excitement was boundless. This is without question, my most anticipated film of the decade, perhaps ever. This is a follow up to the greatest comic book movie I had ever seen. This is a movie, a story, from a group of people that had taken the Batman mythos from its humble, wonderful beginnings in often mocked medium and catapulted it outside its own genre. They made Batman, a guy in a batsuit, respectable and  frankly, important.  Inside 152 minutes they ensured this story’s place in history and that would not be forgotten for generations to come – and lauded as amongst the best ever told.

And they said they would tell another story.

Wide – 07/20/2012

Once again studios prove they’re quite fine with letting one film have the weekend if it increases the amount of money they’ll make at a different time.


[By the 21st of July, 3 days after release, The Dark Knight had already broken 11 records including theatre count, Midnight, Opening Day and Opening Weekend totals, and tickets sold online in a single day for two top movie ticket distributors.]

Three little indies are being released this week in the US and I don’t really think any of them are worth your time.

Go see The Dark Knight Rises. You will be doing yourself a favor, I promise.

Box Office This Weekend – 07/13/2012

I almost want to skip this week since next week is all I care about. BUT. I’m here for you guys. And those actors who don’t help with the marketing budgets of indie movies. Or something.

Movie I’m Most Interested In:

Apparently everyone is afraid Dark Knight Rises will open and their film will be instantly forgotten, relegated to the seedy and empty third and fourth run theatres by Chris Nolan sneezing. Okay well, one brave movie is having a go, and it stands a chance to stand firm in the gale winds of Nolan’s sneeze – likely because it is for kids.

Ice Age: Continental Drift – The fourth (!) in the series following lovable prehistoric animals (or motley crew anyway) has our furry heroes dealing with the breakup of Pangaea and encountering that easy villain, a band of pirates. Incidentally, Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones fame, whose filmography does not seem to have an end, is the voice of the leader of the pirates. For added fun, we get to meet Sid the sloth’s family and learn that his grandma has not taken a bath in years. The apple does not fall far from the tree. The addition of Drake and Nicki Minaj as voices of Manny the mammoth’s family shows the film is hip and cool and down with the homies. Or something. But the addition of Nick Frost’s voice worked on getting my interest up.

Wide – 07/13/2012

Reread the first paragraph under Movie I’m Most Interested In, please and thank you.


[The first Sundance Film Festival was held in Utah in August 1978 in effort to bring attention to films created by American artists outside of Hollywood. Several films were selected to be featured, among them was Deliverance, the 1972 thriller most famous for its male rape scene.]

Easy Money – Finally coming to the US two years after its initial release in producing country Sweden, this film is said to have been the launching pad both for the star and the director. It is also possibly Sweden’s first international quality gangster thriller. As a general fan of said genre, the more the merrier I say. The Guldbagge award is given by the Swedish Art Institute (presumably their version of Oscars?) and this little film earned three of them.

Red Lights – An interesting cast for a Spanish (as in Spain) made film, this film centers on Sigourney Weaver and Robert DeNiro who investigate paranormal activity. In this instance, they are taking a further look into Cillian Murphey’s character, a world renown psychic whose toughest critic mysteriously passed away. Elizabeth Olsen also appears and I wonder if she finds these types of stories interesting, given that 3 out of 5 movies in release have some element of paranormal/paranoia. Either way, glad to see an Olsen that looks like she eats sandwiches.

The Obama Effect – Full of “Oh that guy, where else have I seen him!” actors, this little indie is exactly that. I rarely see such a sparsely filled out imdb page and there seems to be no critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The story is said to focus on a middle aged insurance salesman who becomes obsessed with then campaigning Obama and fervently works to help get him elected. The kicker is that apparently the passion for change eventually bleeds the true meaning into his life and the salesman starts where change truly begins – himself. Though not too fond of Obama, the actors are all great and the story seems interesting. I just might check it out.

That’s all for this week, tune in next week same nerd-time, same nerd-channel to see our heroine battle extreme excitement to attempt to put together a coherent post (not likely.) In the meantime, have an awesome week!

Box Office This Weekend – 07/06/2012

Check out who’s back!! Cue the cabbage patching and Admiral Akbar shuffle dance!

Movie I’m Most Interested In:

The Amazing Spider-Man – Okay so technically I cannot really be looking forward to it since it already came out on Tuesday but given  the choices, it is the one I’m most likely to see. Reviews coming in from friends and neighbors have almost been entirely positive, not to mention Andrew strikes me as more believable in the role and much less annoying than Tobey. Since I know so very little about Spider Man and I can’t have every midnight premiere off I did not go the premiere of this (really really hope I get the 19th off for Batman in exchange) so as of this posting I’ve not seen it. But you should. Cos it’s good. I’m told.

Wide – 07/06/2012

[ While Avatar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 also took 19 days to reach 1 billion gross, The Avengers is considered by some to have reached the milestone faster as it took only 10 days of US release to reach it. The other two films opened in the US and internationally on the same day.]

Katy Perry: Part of Me – I would list Savages above this but Katy will be on just over 100 more screens than the R rated druggie love story. While I am not a fan of Katy I do recognize that she really has talent. It’s also hard not give her props for working hard enough to become such an international name that not only is a movie being made about her, but that it is not a limited release movie. A quick Google search only revealed about 5 movies made about singers that made it to wide release.

Savages – There’s a part of me that wants to see this. The main subject matter is not my usual taste but a cast I can’t argue with (except maybe Blake, I’m not the biggest fan) and an interesting trailer has my curiosity piqued. And I tend to pay attention when Benicio is involved. The likelihood that it will be well deserving of its R rating however, and the hint of a tragic ending are big detractors, so I’ll get the general reviews and decide if I will see it anytime soon.


China Heavyweight – A nomination for Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Fest adds some serious weight to a film that is said to be a metaphor for New China – stay with the collective, or branch out on one’s own.

The Magic of Belle Isle – I heard about this from Morgan Freeman’s Facebook page which is enough to get my attention, but the fact that Rob Reiner directs means I will likely check this out sometime. Soon.

Box Office This Weekend – 05/18/2012

It begins! I’m off Facebook so I own my own words now but I’m certainly in transition. Bear with me, pretty please. Also I should warn you, it is my intention to have ads on my blog soonish so don’t expect an ad free zone. It’ll be worth it though, I promise.

Movie I’m Most Interested In:

Battleship. Like I said about Dark Shadows (I know, everywhere but where it counted,) if The Avengers wasn’t as mind blowingly amazing as it is, these movies would stand a better chance of making more money and being more popular. As it is, unless I find myself twiddling my thumbs and bored, I doubt I’ll be seeing Dark Shadows or Battleship in the theater. Either way, this one stars Taylor Kitsch who was positively wonderful in John Carter (you really should see that one if you haven’t yet, it’s quite good) and, of all people, Rihanna. Another Skarsgaard (I can’t do that little thinger over the a for proper spelling) is in it as well, this one is the eldest son of Stellan who gave us the history of Norse mythology in Thor and reminded us that Loki is Thor’s brother in Avengers. He also gave us the portal through which the Chitari attacked. Maybe he’s not so awesome after all (just kidding, I generally like both of them and would love to see them do something together.)

Wide – 05/18/2012

[When adjusted for inflation, Gone with the Wind remains the highest grossing movie of all time domestically. Its adjusted gross earnings are just over 1.6 billion dollars.]

What to Expect When Expecting – The “worst case scenario preparation story” .. thing. Or so I heard. The trailer seemed to emphasize the preparation for fathers to be rather than tips for women, which, rather than encouraging males to attend might push them away, especially if squeamish about children in general. Current fathers will probably love it.

The Dictator – Though actually released yesterday (05/16/2012) this is still its first weekend out. I’ve seen a few amusing moments and there are funny outtakes during the first part of the credits (nothing after the credits, please exit the theatre so we can clean) but it is Sasha Baron Cohen, the man who pushed all of homophobia’s buttons with Bruno. Keep that in mind when deciding if this is your type of humour.


[ Oddly, Wrath of the Titans is gaining 95 screens this week. 360 screens, that counts as limited release right? Wink.]

Hysteria – Okay so back in the day (late 1800s as I recall from advertisements) a woman could be diagnosed with hysteria and the recommended treatment – I’m not kidding – was sex. So, in the name of science, or perhaps medicine, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville patented the first electromechanical vibrator. Incidentally about 20 years after this, a company patented the first electric vibrator. This made the device the fifth domestic appliance to be electrified. Anyway. This movie aims to spin its own yarn of how Dr Granville’s device came to be with the aid of Maggie Gyllenhaal. Good luck finding this playing on a local screen, however.

Elena – With 4 awards and 3 more nominations, it is certainly a film fest darling. A rather odd premise – a docile housewife is told she will not be inheriting any of her husband’s estate when he passes which causes her to come up with a plan to change that, may be explained by the movie in fact being Russian made. I keep getting surprised at how many countries are in the movie making business. I shouldn’t be, but I am.

Crooked Arrows – Superman Brandon Routh seems to at least still be finding work after the fiasco of Superman Returns, which is a nice thing because it wasn’t really his fault. That said he’s not even the fun part about this movie. It’s about a lacrosse team. Not the usual ivy-league expected team, however, a Native American lacrosse team. Our friendly neighborhood werewolf Gil Birmingham also stars (don’t ask how I know he’s a werewolf. Just don’t.)


Despite this being the third weekend of release, The Avengers is still on around 600 more screens than any other movie this weekend. Fairly certain it will still take the weekend.


Box Office This Weekend – 05/04/2012

[I wrote several posts on Facebook before launching a dedicated blog. Due to FB’s questionable stance on content ownership, I’m moving all posts here.]

Okay so I semi lied. A little bit of a hectic week, haven’t completely gotten where I wanted to be. Last one Facebook, honest this time!

Movie I’m Most Interested In:

Duh. I mean unless that rock you’re under is comfy, you know it’s The Avengers, which is really not as cool as the UK title, Avengers Assemble. Anyway, I took a gander at Joss Whedon’s IMDB and I realized that aside from Dr Horrible Sing Along Blog (first episode only) I’ve not seen any of his work. (Calm yourself.) Therefore, the one thing I want most from this movie is a cameo. I’m fairly certain it won’t happen but that doesn’t stop me wishing. It would be good seed for another Marvel has confirmed they’re working on (please dear Lord do not let this project go to development hell) and would make me squee like .. well. I always squee.

Wide Distribution – 05/04/2012

[Cinemark comes in at a distant third for largest theatre chains with 3,825 screens.]

It would seem the studios were not terribly interested in going up against the juggernaut.


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – While not being panned, it isn’t receiving the welcome one expects from such a stellar cast: Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy etc etc etc. Still, it’s the cast that caught my attention, along with some clever humour concerning .. erm, “love” at that age. Kinda hoping one of the 27 screens it will play on is at my theatre.

LOL – I mention this because I lol’ed (ahaha puns) that it does not appear to be playing on any screens despite starring a still popular (though thankfully waning) Miley Cirus. Other than that I know nothing about this movie and can’t be bothered to find out more.

Quite a few more titles are out, including Meeting Evil  with Samuel L Jackson but none are playing on more screens than Marigold. That and I’m about to be late for work.

Box Office This Weekend – 04/27/2012

[I wrote several posts on Facebook before launching a dedicated blog. Due to FB’s questionable stance on content ownership, I’m moving all posts here.]

I could say I’m a little early due to the number of movies coming this weekend. Truth is I have a super long shift at work tomorrow, no time. On second thought, first reason is so much better.

Movie I’m Most Interested In:

Pick one. I’m very interested in all but one this weekend, so based on the history of the companies involved my pick is The Pirates! Band of Misfits. Why yes, it is an animated kids movie. So was Chicken Run and all shows of Wallace & Gromit. With such a winning history I’m very interested in seeing them take on the current hot trend and hope for a little poke or two at Mr. Depp. Incidentally, Aardman has been making short clips as bumps for DC Nation. I especially love Catwoman.

Wide Distribution – 04/27/12

[As of 06/24/2010, AMC owns 5,336 screens in 378 locations, making it the second largest theatre chain in the US and Canada.]

The Raven – This is probably number 2 interest for me for two reasons: James McTeigue who directed V for Vendetta and was involved in direction for The Matrix movies, and John Cusack, because well, it’s John Cusack. The fact that it is based on Edgar Allen Poe’s works is actually not my big draw which has surprised more than a couple people. Do I really still give off the “goffick” vibe?

Safe – Jason Statham. He is a guilty pleasure for all of us, it is undeniable. This time around he is protecting a 12 year old girl from every corrupt person in New York City. Gifted with a superb memory, this girl has memorized a long series of numbers that contain what would appear to be a code. She is now a hot commodity and because you don’t mess with kids with a badass around, Statham will likely end up killing everyone. Beginning to see why this week’s top pick was hard yet?

The Five-Year Engagement – This would be the one I’m likely going to skip. I like Emily Blunt well enough but Jason Segal just doesn’t impress me. I cannot imagine why but I suspect those that have been engaged would get a lot more out of this than I anyway. But then I have no idea how often little flower girls go running around shooting brides in the leg with a crossbow. Badass weapon though, hi-five for that.


While there are the typical 5 or 6 indie films, I cannot yet find evidence that they will be on more than 5 screens each. I may update this tomorrow if I find any having a wide (ha! probably not the best word to use there, how about large?) large enough release to make it worth discussing.

On another note, due to concerns about creative ownership, this will likely be my last bloggypost on Facebook. I’ll be linking the posts and the like but I know that tends to drop interest. I would appreciate any future support (shares would be EPIC) and thank everyone who has been encouraging in getting this endeavor going.